The Hobstallstowwe




Initially, the buildings consisted only of a residential house and a barn and dated back to the time of the "Lords of Merlau". Due to the eventual impoverishment and then extinction of the dynasty, the estate finally came into the possession of the Landgraviate of Hesse and in the course of time acquired its present form until 1891.

In 1908 the complex was abandoned and the village of Merlau bought it for 105,000 marks. The right hand part of the building complex was taken over privately in 1930. The part to the left remains in municipal hands, and the barn at the end was eventually rebuilt as the village community center.

Hobstallstowwe Museum

Part of the original building of 1891 it was used to house young cattle. The long building now houses the volunteer fire brigade and the German Red Cross. The small room located at the end of the structure changed over the years, having previously been a living space for a famil of refugees displaced by the war and then later a feed store, and now the Hobstallstowwe museum. This small homely room is a meeting place for all those interested in the history of the village of Merlau. Within its historical walls you will find many reminders from dys gone by.

Schloss Cellar

The former barn of the Domanialhof dating from the time of the Lords of Merlau, sadly burned down in 1879 and was later rebuilt. Part of the old building is a cellar room that has been unused for decades but was last used in the 1960s as a storage cellar for root crops. Now, however it has been emptied out and is undergoing a redesign. In the near future, a part of the castle's history will be displayed here in the evocative atmosphere of the vaulted cellar and made accessible again to our visitors