The Herrnmühle


The Herrnmühle represents the last remaining buildings that once served the Merlau schloss. In its four hundred year history, it has undergone many changes, renovations and alterations, but is essentially still the same group of buildings that served the schloss in its heyday.

This is where the bread was baked and the beer brewed for the lords of the schloss, where butter and cheese were prepared and stored. The barns provided stables for pigs and stalls for the many horses the schloss needed. The harvest was stored in the extensive barns, and several mills were busy grinding the grain that came in from a number of the local villages.

Work at the Herrnmühle was based on manual labour and the buildings were always filled with the noise of the many workers. Today, the Herrnmühle and its surroundings are quiet, but perhaps a moment of silent reflection can conjure up something of the atmosphere of centuries past.