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The Merlau Schloss Working Group
Official unveiling of the Infotafel for the Merlau Schloss

In the presence of the district president, Dr. Ullrich from Giessen, and the mayor of Mücke, Mr. Andreas Sommer, the new information board was unveiled by Erhard Kirsch, a leading member of the Schloss Merlau Working Group. Despite the poor weather, Erhard took the time to tell several short but fascinating stories of the now vanished castle. The information board was designed and erected by the Merlauer Schloss Working Group in cooperation with the municipality of Mücke.
The Merlau Schloss Infotafel, designed in cooperation between the Merlau Schloss Working Group and the municipality was produced and paid for through the generosity of the ArbeitsKreis.

It tells the history of the Schloss and shows where it once stood and contains some interesting photos as well as sketches of the original Schloss floor plan. Of particular interest are two photos by Uwe Prepens showing the Schloss as it would look today if it were still standing.

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